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Dancing- ThisYearsGirl


Almost five years ago while planning my wedding I stumbled upon a message board on a wedding site with a bunch of gals also planning their weddings. It instantly became an addiction and I was soon visiting and chatting with my fellow brides on a daily basis. One of the gals I became so very lucky to know was Jewelyn. Long before I even met her in person, I knew she was special. She always had such a great sense of humor and compassion. She was a kindergarten teacher and loved each and every one of her kids. I remember her posting about her wedding and what things went wrong, but it was ok, because she had married the love of her life, Phil.

We all stayed on the boards after our weddings and talked daily as things went along. I cried for her when she has a miscarriage last year and I was so thrilled to hear when she got pregnant again. She spent the last nine months so very excited to be a mother and to hold her beautiful baby.

Yesterday Jewelyn had an emergency C-section and suffered from amniotic embolism and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. She lost all brain activity and was taken off life support at 11:30 this morning.

Words don't even come close to describing how tragic this whole this is. I can't stop thinking about how just Friday we were all wishing her luck with her delivery and waiting to here the announcement that baby Gabriella was here. I can't stop thinking how Jewels never even got the chance to see or hold her baby girl or that Gabby will never know her mother or how amazing she was. I can't even imagine what her husband is feeling today. The mix of thousands of emotions and thoughts that must be pouring through his mind. I can't stop thinking about how totally unfair this is.

Jewelyn was one of those people that I wish everyone could have known. She had a huge heart and always saw the best in everyone. I will miss you so much Jewels.

A Paypal account has been set up for Jewelyn's family with the email address 4jewelyn@gmail.com. I know babies can be expensive and Phil will probably have to take a good amount of time off of work to deal with the new baby and his grief. If you can donate anything 100% of the funds will go to Jewelyn's family. If you can't afford to give any money we will also be holding a yard sale next Saturday, and all of the proceeds will go to Jewelyn's family, so if you would rather donate some things to the sale, please contact me. ladydot42@gmail.com.

At the very least, I ask that you please keep Jewelyn's family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.




Sushi, lol. I don't think until recently, did I start calling her Jewelyn. Back in the knot days I really thought that was her name.

Love her, it's not going to be the same w/out her on the boards.



from Angelina

Really great post for her. :(


So sad. I love you, friend.
So incredibly sad. Her family is definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

I don't have much to give, but I could donate breastmilk for Gabriella, if they're in California. If not, and Phil is interested in this, he can join MilkShare http://milkshare.birthingforlife.com/ to find a donor nearby.
Thank you so much Cristina. i know right now they are trying to find out what formula Gaby is on to collect formula checks, and there ahs been talk about breast milk donations. I'll email you if I get more information.